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why a golf course is an extraordinary wedding venue

The older one gets, they usually go through phases, as far as whether or not they are going to a lot of weddings.  With the latest generations not getting married as early as past generations, you may begin to feel the wedding onslaught in your late 20’s.  They seem to come in bunches.  At some point, they taper off, and there may be a few friends going through divorces.  Then there may be another phase of weddings, both second marriages and friends or family who waited until later in life to tie the knot.

If you have been to a lot of weddings, you may have noticed that the venues can be as unique and as varied as the actual people who are getting married.  Weddings are often at churches, private homes, historical estates, restaurants, museums, or hotels.  Weddings have taken place in stadiums, parks, even at sea…or under sea.  One popular venue is a country club or golf course.  There are many inherent benefits to holding a wedding reception at a golf course.  There are also abstract reasons it may be beneficial.

First to be addressed is the scenery.  Golf courses, with a few exceptions, are built to be beautiful.  Or at least aesthetically pleasing.  World class architects are hired in many circumstances to transform the landscape into a wonderland of peaks, valleys, forests, all while navigating and incorporating bodies of water, older man-made structures, and other entities that some may deem a challenge.  In most cases, the result is beauty.  Even for people who don’t like to golf, if they have ever ridden around with a group of golfers on a lush, spring morning, they have most likely experienced a wonderful piece of nature.  Golf courses are relatively quiet, as the sport dictates that.  Foliage may dot or immerse the playing area with tree-lined fairways or a raised green overlooking a river.  And the wildlife is generally something to behold.  Just watch out for the rattlesnakes in the west, the bears up north, and the crocs and gators in the south.  This extraordinary scenery provides a few spots to walk around and have a private conversation or experience a beautiful sunset.  The venues that have the weddings near the clubhouse oftentimes are overlooking the course from a high vantage point.  Mountain Branch Golf Course in Joppa, Maryland is one such example.  The wedding center located adjacent to the clubhouse, and just a few miles north of I-95 in Harford County, is high above the course, providing breathtaking views and the sweet scents of the seasons.

Generally speaking golf courses are also expansive.  Meaning if someone needs a breath of fresh air, or if the bride and groom need a private moment, they don’t have far to go.  This might not be the case in an urban hotel.  One story relates how a wedding took place on the 15th floor of an old, classic hotel, with only one elevator to get the 300 guests up and down.  This may not be appealing to the claustrophobic among us.

Golf courses almost always have quality food as well, or they have partnerships with local catering companies that know how to serve a wedding.  There are certain favorites that they get used to serving regionally, whether it is salmon, or filet, or in Maryland, crab cakes.  If the course’s restaurant itself creates the dishes, there may be a cost-savings.  Alternatively, if they consistently use the same trusted catering company, the quality probably rises over time.

Don’t forget one of the best reasons to hold a wedding at a golf course.  The golf, of course.  It is a great rehearsal day activity for the wedding party.  It could also be a last minute bachelor or bachelorette party idea.  And it can be a great way to unwind the day after the wedding, but before traveling back home.  Another great bachelor party event is an interactive driving range, such as  Mountain Branch Golf Course, near Baltimore provides 18 beautiful holes of golf, Tracers Golf driving range, an award-winning restaurant, and has hosted hundreds of successful and memorable weddings.

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